Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coachella Weekend One - Saturday Evening

If the day was about Azelia, the night was certainly Radiohead's chance to show us they weren't yet another group to revisit Coachella and make the crowd wonder if they should have just stuck with their 2004 performance.  Don't get me wrong, I can count the times I've seen them on my hands and toes, but I wondered where they would advance to.  

Lest I worry, they were slick and polished with a wall of recycled plastic bottles-cum-lightwall.  And square levitating screens broadcasting various details of the performance to those standing back at the entrance to the Polo Grounds.  "look they're moving around"  As I stood in the Pit I couldn't help wonder if Thom minds the fact that he has become synonymous with twitching and salivating.

 1. Bloom
 2. 15 Steps
 3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
 4. Morning Mr. Magpie
 5. Staircase
 6. The Gloaming
 7. Pyramid Song
 8. The Daily Mail
 9. Myxomatosis
10. Karma Police
11. Identikit
12. Lotus Flower
13. There There
14. Bodysnatchers
15. Idioteque

16. Lucky
17. Reckoner
18. Everything In It's Right Place / After The Gold Rush intro

Encore 2
19. Give Up the Ghost
20. Paranoid Android

Coachella Weekend One - Saturday

Saturday, the much lauded and certainly celebrated sun made an appearance.  And with the change in skies came an upbeat day of lively and unforgettable performances.
Azelia Banks gave one of the weekend's great high energy shows. (I can guarantee she won't be at 2:50 next year! And I read that she has new management as of Saturday. She tweeted "no more ghetto mixes. . . I have a budget now!"  She has signed with Lady Gaga's manager.  You go girl.)
Jacques lu cont, St. Vincent, The Shins, and SBTRKT all made my cut.  I should have had a beer instead of watching The Shins though.  And if they hadn't been at the same time, of course, Miike Snow would have been represented, but. . .

Azelia Banks
at Gobi Tent
work it out Azelia!

Jacques lu cont
at Sahara Tent

St Vincent
at Gobi Tent

The Shins
at Coachella Stage

at Gobi Tent

Next, Radiohead. . .

Coachella Weekend One - Friday Evening

And so Friday evening was here but it was still far from over.
Amon Tobin ISAM show was beyond incredible.  Leaning on  the speakers at the front 
and feeling my blood vibrate was an experience I won't soon forget. 

Swedish House Mafia