Monday, October 17, 2011

Kara's Wedding (errr, Kara and Ryan's Wedding)

Kara's wedding was an absolute blast!  
Kudos Kara, you really know how to throw a party.
From the 4 minute ceremony, to the six hour party that followed!
Sorry guys, no pictures of the Betsy Johnson swimsuit - she's a married lady.
And let me just ask you this, who parks a taco truck 
poolside after an already amazing 
Kara does!  

the look

the end. . .
or the beginning

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Xavier's XXX Birthday

That's his thirtieth for those of you who don't know your Roman numerals.  A good time was had by most. And that's mostly what I'm showing here, the good times.  The rest is better left for foggy memories and floor drains for that matter.

The Pool House is a great place for a desert party.

Five PM was a pretty good time to arrive to an afternoon party in Palm Springs, I've discovered.  By then everyone's already gotten their drink on and are ready to play for the camera.   And any later, I'd have a bunch of images of sleeping bitches.

calling all honey badgers 
honey badgers to the pool please. . .

my new muse. thanks Jesse

Here's where I say Happy Birthday Xavier!

DJ Yanis

 museworthy, n'est-ce pas?

What the heck, one more!