Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Friday and Easter Monday

So my stint with "giving up" mayonnaise came to a tasty end on Sunday with a glorious Easter Whopper.  Thanks to El Mirasol and Shanghai Reds for both observing that, hey, Easter is a national holiday.  Closed. 

Friday was nice, as an old friend, whom I haven't seen since 1992 drove into Palm Springs on her way from Detroit, to LA.  She's still fabulous and we had a lovely time chatting.

She's a great actress who found it was time to get back to where the real action is - LA.
(Especially since the new Republican Governor of Michigan took away much of the incentive for remaking Detroit as a Movie Making Mecca.  Ohh well.  Another missed opportunity.  Insert the phrase "fiscal responsibility" and all those other buzz words which supposedly garner votes, but don't get the horribly repressed state of Michigan EATING again.)

Click here to check out Mare's site. 

So back to Easter,
And coloring eggs.

 That one's going to be good.

And breakfast on Saturday was nice too.

 The kids.

Some time in the LBC with Craig and Xavier, Junior, and Carlos

Carlos and I decided to get out of Palm Springs and visit Long Beach last Monday.
I know, get away from Palm Springs sounds a bit WRONG, but when you live there, you need a respite from the crazies.  
Even if just to be surrounded by some new crazies.


 I can almost smell the ocean from the window.

Craig can't play WOW without it.

 I thought my two sheds were cool, but. . .

 We had to go sooo far to get to MVP Grill.  Mmm Jean-Claude Killy. . .

 Shopping on 4th.

 My favorite roller derby centric shop, MOXI.

 Some stuff I didn't buy.

 Yess.  Yess.  No.  No.  

 The neighborhood.

 Lunch and nails.

 Guard kitty.

 Junior presents.

 more kitty.

 to Silverlake we go. . .

 X at Intelligentsia

 Clinton and Rafael's lovely home in Ventura.
 Xavier tagging us on FB.

My favorite shot of the day.

And then back to the regular crazies. . .